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Backhoe loader definition / manufacturers /History

Backhoe manufacturers

Combustion or hydraulic, backhoe loaders are machines used to perform excavations in various types of land or terrains with different purposes such as opening trenches to place cables, pipes or drains, foundations of houses or buildings, as well as to break the asphalt in streets and facilitate the paving process.

Backhoe Construction Machine

It works by burying a shovel or bucket with which it extracts soil and all kinds of materials deposited on the ground, and then drag them and deposit them inside or in a collecting truck.

In addition, the backhoe loaders have a chassis that can be mounted on chains or rubbers and hydraulic jacks, to offer greater stability of the machine on the ground.

History of the backhoe loader

The backhoe has its origin in the crawler tractor commonly used in the 1950s in the construction industry. It was a very useful piece of equipment, but visionary experts decided to make it more efficient and versatile.

By then, the UK-based Essex company known as Whitlock Bros had created a device called the Dinjum Digger, assuring their customers that they had created the world’s first backhoe loader. After experiments, he incorporated a hydraulic loader to finish assembling the equipment.

Who invented the Backhoe Loader

The founder of JBC, Joseph Cyril Bamford, based on his experience in the construction of hydraulic loaders went to Norway and there he saw the potential of the backhoe loader, so he bought one and took it to his country to test its potential.

By 1953 he was able to improve the design and incorporated the first accessory included in the backhoe. The product was manufactured as JBC MK1 and in 1958 launched the first integrated backhoe.

Backhoe Loader Features

Its assembly consists of three parts: tractor, loader and backhoe.
It transports large quantities of material.
Its main function is to excavate land.
It has three parts: bucket, toothpick and boom.
It is also known as a mechanical shovel.
Types of Backhoe Loader

Mechanical shovels: Also called excavator shovels or bucket excavators. They are used for vertical type excavations, special for production in wells and mines.

Hydraulic excavators: With the same power as mechanical excavators and at a more affordable price. They are faster to load material and are used especially in mining.

Backhoe operation

A backhoe is hydraulically controlled. It works like a normal excavator and digs in the opposite direction of the vehicle.

Its heart is a powerful hydraulic pump and a valve that distributes the oil by means of pressure to all the parts that need it to move. The control controls located in the cab serve to send fluid to the selected area to move.

The control panel includes the necessary controls to make the movements with the backhoe:

Moving from one side to the other
Rotate 360º on its own axis
A boom that must be lowered or raised by means of two cylinders
Control the movements of the cuvette to raise or lower according to the displacement of the piston rod.

Backhoe manufacturers

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